One is All. All is One.

You can call me J.
I'm a dreamer, an inner system core, and a crystal-minded, warm-hearted anomaly. Life fascinates me, completely.
I'm an indomitable creator, a vagabond, a guardian, and a child at heart. I feel love for everything.

I'm a soul of fire with my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground.
I'm unusual, and my life is more than a little strange, but despite all my old shadows I have a good heart. We all do.
I try to live and love as selflessly as I can.

I'm not the most updated page here, and I'm never the most popular, but I'll do what I can to inspire those who stop by.

I hope you find something to remember here.

♥ नमस्ते ♥

I'm struggling financially right now.
I appreciate all your help.
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Song: Thanks Vision
Artist: Toro Y Moi
Album: Causers Of This
Played: 110 times.

"Thanks Vision"
by Toro Y Moi.

3 years ago on March 22nd, 2011 | J | 26 notes